Wilderness Therapy Supplies the Most Important Kind of Education

Written by Wood Creek Academy

There’s a misconception that prevails through most of the educational system. Simply put, it’s the belief that one size fits all. It’s this notion that sees thousands of kids from all walks of life shuffled into the same type of learning environment and then pushes them when they don’t respond like expected or desired.


If your child is having trouble at school, that’s one thing. However, often, this then spills over to other areas of their lives. They may be causing problems at home or even getting into trouble with the law. Neither of these situations is desirable, but if you don’t stop these behaviors, your child will soon be 18 and able to leave home, perhaps to make even bigger mistakes.

That’s when something like wilderness therapy programs could make all the difference. The education they can supply could be the most important your child ever receives. It will teach them discipline and respect. But these types of therapeutic boarding schools are also all about building a better understanding of oneself, healing personal scars and developing productive habits that help them cope with situations that may have, in the past, made for horrible consequences.

Don’t keep trying to hammer a square peg into a circle hole. If your child isn’t getting what they need from their current school, consider other options.


Sometimes a boot camp for teenagers isn’t just the best possible way to help trouble kids, but the only way. With Wood Creek Academy, you can get your child the help they need.