How Juvenile Boot Camps Can Detrimentally Impact Your Child’s Wellbeing

Boot camps can have a severe impact on one’s mental health. Be sure you know what you are signing up for before committing your child to one of these programs.

Rebellious teenagers can tear family relationships apart. The root of their issues can be traced to a variety of influences that they surround themselves with. Whether it’s their environment, their interpersonal relationships, or other factors, there needs to be some sort of intervention to help guide them on the right path.

Is “Militarized” Discipline the Way?

Many families believe that sending their child to a militarized reform school for boys, otherwise known as juvenile boot camp, will “shape” him or her up into being a respectful individual. The only problem with this is that these types of programs instill an immense amount of fear in an individual, causing him or her to respect an authoritative figure or be subjected to forced physical strains. Experts believe that the only thing a child will take from attending a boot camp is the fear factor. However, this isn’t to say that each and every program works in the same fashion, but many boot camps run off of this type of curriculum.

Seek Alternative Options

If you’re seeking door number two, why not try out one of the many therapeutic wilderness programs? There is no militarized disciplining, no yelling, and no fear instilment. Professional mentors accompany your child on expeditions through the mountain and teach him or her responsibilities that make them accountable for his or her actions. Many families are now opting to send their child to these programs due to the fact that it’s based on factors that can help their child with becoming more responsible and proactive.

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