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Tax Benefits For College

Tax Benefits For College

As the cost of higher education continues to rise, students across the country search for new ways to pay for their education. However, one aspect they might not have taken under consideration is the tax benefits for education. In fact,… Read the rest

Online Schools Enhances Homeschooling

Online Schools Enhances Homeschooling

For many people, the idea of attending an online school raises many questions and worries, including whether it is the right path toward their educational goals. However, online learning is becoming more popular as more and more universities and colleges… Read the rest

Selecting the Best Online School for Your Needs

Selecting the Best Online School for Your Needs

Online schools are becoming more common these days, as a growing number of people want the convenience of earning a degree without compromising other responsibilities, such as a full-time job, or raising children. But with so many online schools to… Read the rest

Tips on Finding a Vocational School for Makeup Artistry

Over 30 years ago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences added a new category for its prestigious award – makeup. Today, it’s hard to image an artist in film or television without outstanding makeup to match their wardrobe… Read the rest

What Steve Jobs and Sasha Bakhru can Teach Us about Stem Cells

The 2011 biography of Steve jobs by Walter Isaacson gave insight into the man behind the Apple. Jobs was driven, his philosophies were very specific. One of the more interesting, and perhaps sobering aspects of the book is… Read the rest

The Existence of the Equator

Posted by Phin Upham

Have you ever wanted to know everything there is to know about the equator? Although we can’t actually see it, the “imaginary circle around the Earth”, or the equator, does exist. How do we… Read the rest

The Difference between Successful and Unsuccessful Online Ads – by Ted Dhanik

Companies often spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising.  Unfortunately, these ads aren’t always successful if the company doesn’t have the right strategy involved in the process.

One of the mistakes that many businesses make is that they… Read the rest

The Benefits of Airbrushing vs. Traditional Makeup

Guest post is submitted by Cosmix Inc., a leading school of makeup artistry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Cosmix offers a variety of makeup artistry classes.  Browse their website for more information.

Whether you aspire to be a makeup… Read the rest

U.S. top court upholds Michigan ban on college affirmative action

By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Supreme Court on Tuesday further undermined the use of racial preferences in higher education by upholding a voter-approved Michigan law that banned the practice in decisions on which students to admit to state universities. The court made it clear it was not deciding the larger and divisive question of whether affirmative action admission policies... [Read more]

‘Main Line’ drug ring in Pennsylvania nets two prep school grads

(Reuters) – Two graduates of an exclusive Pennsylvania prep school were charged with operating an extensive drug ring that dealt cocaine and marijuana to students at high schools and colleges in an affluent part of Philadelphia, authorities said on Tuesday. Neil Scott, 25, and Timothy Brooks, 18, led the effort to create a “monopoly” on drug sales in the area and used high school... [Read more]

Students Design Radiation Shield for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

NASA is developing a new spacecraft to take mankind to deep space, and high-school students will have an important role in designing it. Go here to see the original:  Students Design Radiation Shield for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft  Read More →

Volunteers find scenes of hope, despair at S. Korea ferry site

Hundreds of bereaved parents, relatives, and friends mingle with volunteers here in a display of agony and heartbreak, shame and disbelief, over the sinking of a ferry on a holiday cruise packed with high school students on a school excursion.  An atmosphere of stoicism and quiet calm pervades the floor of the spacious gymnasium in this pleasant seaside community as fathers and mothers, brothers... [Read more]

Learn How High School Classes Can Offer College Benefits

High school and college are undoubtedly different worlds academically. However, high school students shouldn’t totally rule out the relevance their current course work could have in college. Upon reflection, some college students found that some of their toughest high school classes and assignments were exactly what shaped them to be the hardworking university students they are today. See the... [Read more]