Online Schools Enhances Homeschooling

For many people, the idea of attending an online school raises many questions and worries, including whether it is the right path toward their educational goals. However, online learning is becoming more popular as more and more universities and colleges … Read the rest

Selecting the Best Online School for Your Needs

Online schools are becoming more common these days, as a growing number of people want the convenience of earning a degree without compromising other responsibilities, such as a full-time job, or raising children. But with so many online schools to … Read the rest

E-cigarettes a ‘major public health concern’: US surgeon general

E-cigarette use is exploding among young people and is now "a major public health concern," the US Surgeon General warned Thursday, sparking disagreement from experts in Britain where the devices are seen more favorably. About one in six US high school students say they have used e-cigarettes in the past month

Surgeon General: E-cigarettes risk ‘moving backward’ on teen smoking

On Thursday, US surgeon general Vivek Murthy recommended that electronic cigarettes be incorporated into existing tax and marketing policies designed to prevent young people from smoking traditional cigarettes. It is the first time Murthy has commented on the subject since vaping reached peak popularity last year. Today, 5 percent of middle school students and 16 percent of high school students say they have used e-cigarettes in the past month, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Boston high-schoolers stage anti-Trump walkout. A lesson in democracy?

High school students from across Boston walked out of class Monday afternoon as part of a demonstration in which they called upon local, state, and federal authorities to protect them and underrepresented groups from US President-elect Donald Trump. Students marched to Beacon Hill and insisted, unsuccessfully, that they be permitted to deliver their list of demands to Massachusetts Gov.

Supply of High-School Graduates to Decline

The sharp decline in births during the Great Recession will result in a drop in the number of students graduating from U.S. high schools starting around 2024, a phenomenon likely to translate into additional pressure on U.S