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Tax Benefits For College

Tax Benefits For College

As the cost of higher education continues to rise, students across the country search for new ways to pay for their education. However, one aspect they might not have taken under consideration is the tax benefits for education. In fact,… Read the rest

Online Schools Enhances Homeschooling

Online Schools Enhances Homeschooling

For many people, the idea of attending an online school raises many questions and worries, including whether it is the right path toward their educational goals. However, online learning is becoming more popular as more and more universities and colleges… Read the rest

Selecting the Best Online School for Your Needs

Selecting the Best Online School for Your Needs

Online schools are becoming more common these days, as a growing number of people want the convenience of earning a degree without compromising other responsibilities, such as a full-time job, or raising children. But with so many online schools to… Read the rest

Top Reasons to Attend Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Written by Cosmix Inc.

Thinking about becoming a makeup artist? While there are many make up artistry schools around the nation, it can be challenging to find one that meets your needs and budget. That’s why we’ve compiled… Read the rest

Living in Virginia

Written By: Relocate to Richmond

There are a lot of fun facts about Virginia that a lot of people do not know about. One being, a lot of the United States presidents were born there… Read the rest

Benefits of Buying a Weather Balloon Launch Kit

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A growing number of individuals, groups, schools, and even companies are sending professional weather balloons into near deep space. Why? There are many reasons. Schools do it as science experiments, while companies do it… Read the rest

Why Boarding School can be the best solution for you child

Written by Wood Creek Academy

Puberty is always a difficult time in every child’s life. More often than not, children are rebellious during these years, especially when it comes to figures of authority such as teachers and even their… Read the rest

Tips on Finding a Vocational School for Makeup Artistry

Over 30 years ago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences added a new category for its prestigious award – makeup. Today, it’s hard to image an artist in film or television without outstanding makeup to match their wardrobe… Read the rest

Oklahoma loses federal ‘No Child Left Behind Waiver’

By Heide Brandes OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) – Oklahoma lost its federal “No Child Left Behind” waiver on Thursday after it dropped education standards adopted by almost all states, a move that could lead to cuts in the $500 million in U.S. Department of Education Assistant Secretary Deborah Delisle said in a letter to Oklahoma Schools State Superintendent Janet Barresi the state can no longer... [Read more]

Texas judge rules state’s school finance system unconstitutional

By Jon Herskovitz AUSTIN Texas (Reuters) – A Texas judge ruled on Thursday the state’s school finance system was unconstitutional because it does not adequately or fairly provide money to public schools, a decision that could force an overhaul of how the state pays for education. The decision from State District Judge John Dietz next heads to the state’s Supreme Court, legal experts... [Read more]

NYC ex-assistant principal to stay on payroll after altering son’s grades

An assistant principal at a New York high school who admitted to secretly changing his son’s grades to passing from failing will have to pay a $7,000 fine but will keep collecting his $104,437-a-year salary, school officials said on Thursday. Abdurrahim Ali admitted to hacking into the computer system at Bread and Roses Integrated Arts High School in Harlem to boost his son’s grades, according... [Read more]

5 simple ways to cope with student debt

College tuition and student debt rates have never been higher. Here's how to keep your college debt levels under control. Here is the original post:  5 simple ways to cope with student debt  Read More →

Community Colleges Offer Dropouts Path to GED, Career

Bobby Carmichael Jr., 37, dropped out of high school in the ninth grade. Next month, almost 25 years later, the father of two will graduate with his GED diploma, three welding certificates and new career prospects. “So I came to Savannah Tech, met some wonderful, exciting teachers and staff members and it just took off from there.” While Carmichael enrolled with the goal of simply earning... [Read more]