Best Languages to Know for App Development

When it comes to app development Los Angeles, choosing the right language will be the difference between frustration and success.

HTML5 is where you go for building web-fronted apps for mobile devices. Its design makes for simple insertion, rationalizing of input parameters, leveling browser playing fields and accounts for screen sizes. The only downside is the platform is constantly evolving, meaning a developer may need to tweak as HTML5 constantly changes.

When you’re dealing with object oriented projects, C++ is the go-to. It’s not the flashiest platform, but it is a low level and highly regarded quantity that gets the job done for many an iPhone app development company Los Angeles.

If you develop for Apple, you are already familiar with Objective-C. It has unique functions for I/O, graphics and display functions. It’s already set into Apple’s development framework, including iOS and MacOS. It is believed the Apple ecosystem will eventually shift to Swift. It has already been designed to circumvent many of Objective-C’s security risks.

One of the most popular languages available, Java is the most likely to be seen in mobile application development Los Angeles. Java can be utilized either in a browser-less virtual machine a browser window, providing a level of flexibility for updating software and re-using code. If you plan on development for Android, Java has to be on your short list.

For the record, there is no “best” language. Factors like future-proofing or native development in iOS – and even budgets – has to be considered.

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