Overcoming Teen Academic Problems

Written by Wood Creek Academy


Academic issues are very common among teenagers. There are several reasons for this. There are some cases where teenagers have genuine learning disabilities. There is also thelack of motivation to maintain focus on their studies. If a teenager is experiencing academic issues, it is up to the parent to determine the cause and to address the issue.


Learning Disabilities

Teenagers who have learning disabilities will need special attention and resources to succeed. Solutions to address these issues might come in the form of individual tutoring for problematic subjects and topics. Most schools cannot deliver individual attention to each student and this may be why these types of problems are not easily detected. Communication is an important part in identifying the issue.


Academic Motivation

Parents can bring a hand in helping teenagers to overcome a lack of motivation by supervising them during their homework. Parents are not advised to get actively involved by doing the actual work. They are, however, advised to provide their support through time management. Parents can also come up with a reward system upon achievement of homework goals.


Out of Home Placement

In some particular cases, therapeutic boarding schools might be beneficial in assisting teenagers in their academic issues. These boot camps offer a variety of programs that will help the teenager both in studies and in their adult life.


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