Four Essential Supplies for Makeup Artistry Students

Written by the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Many makeup artist schools require students to pay materials fee during the admissions process. This isn’t just a way for schools to make extra revenue — it covers the costs that schools incur by providing supplies to students as they start their training. Top schools such as the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry provide high quality materials for their students to use throughout their studies and the fees cover these costs.

Schools prefer to have students who are first starting out with their makeup training use materials provided by the instructor rather than bring in their own supplies. A major reason for this is that the school wants to make sure that all students are using the same tools such as brushes and other specific products. This makes it easier for teachers to make sure the students are getting a uniform level of instruction.

Another reason for requiring students to use school supplied materials is hygiene. Until a student completes basic courses, it’s impossible for the school to feel comfortable that the student is doing the work needed to keep their supplies sanitary. Supplying and caring for the materials gives the school more control over their hygiene.

So what are some of the items that you can expect to find in your school makeup kit as you prepare for your first makeup classes?

Makeup: You’ll need a wide range of makeup in order to learn how to apply it professionally. The types of makeup that you’ll need will range the gamut from foundation to finishing products. Some of the makeup that you’ll need in your kit will include:


  • Foundation
  • Eyeshadow
  • Blush
  • Eye and Lip Pencils
  • Lipstick

Brushes: Along with having your makeup you’ll need the tools to apply many of the items you own. You should expect to receive a wide range of makeup brushes that you can use such as fan brushes, chisel brushes, tapered brushes, eyeshadow and lip brushes and sponges.

Airbrushing Machine: One of the skills that you’ll learn in makeup school is the art of airbrushing. It’s a common technique that is commonly used in the fashion industry to prep models for photo shoots and runway appearances. You’ll have access to an airbrushing machine during your time at makeup artistry school.

Set Bag: With all of these items, you’ll need a quality set bag to keep it all together. The last thing you need is to not have an important brush or piece of makeup when you are in class. Along with providing a place to store and transport your items, a quality set bag will also keep everything organized so you can quickly find what you need while you are in the middle of a project.